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Percy Jackson Meets Facebook 10
Annabeth Chase: You can stop saying I'm a disappointment at any time, mom. Any time works for me.
Athena: I do not think you are a disappointment! You’re just, hm, on the wrong track. Now maybe if you got rid of that Percy boy…
Percy Jackson: Hey! I should not be blamed for your disappointment in your daughter.
Annabeth Chase: Thanks, Percy.
Leo Valdez: I’m time travelling back to 2008, see you guys later.
Jason Grace: What was so great about 2008?
Leo Valdez: Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur.
Jason Grace: But that’s not even that great.
Leo Valdez: But Jason, the whole club was looking at her.
Piper McLean: When my mom is annoyed, it's less like annoyed and more like murder.
Drew Tanaka: As much as I hate you, I have to agree.
Leo Valdez: Me too.
Jason Grace: Ditto.
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Sanity2 by rainy129 Sanity2 :iconrainy129:rainy129 3 0 Sanity by rainy129 Sanity :iconrainy129:rainy129 1 0
The Hunted Chapter 6
Ava is thrown into the war, discovers her power, and bonds with Pollux.
Now (Skipped one year)
The war ended soon after Rachel showed up. Ava didn’t know exactly what had happened in the throne room, but she had heard plenty enough to assume it was not pretty.
She sat down on a bench, lost in thought. She enjoyed moments like those, where we was completely in her own mind and not anyone else’s. She found herself wishing constantly that she had some control over it. That she could just turn it on or off at will, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t even decide how much she saw or when she saw it.
“Ava, dear, we have three new campers.” Chiron said from behind her. That was another thing she hated about her power. People liked to put it to use, not understanding the affliction she had with it.
“Sure, Chiron.” She said. Although she could, she never protested. She didn’t want people to dislike her. They did enough
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Another Tree by rainy129 Another Tree :iconrainy129:rainy129 2 0 Idk, just a tree. by rainy129 Idk, just a tree. :iconrainy129:rainy129 1 0
Percy Jackson Meets Facebook 9
Percy Jackson: It’s cold down in tartarus.
Jason grace: freAKING.
Nico Di Angelo: AAAAAAaagggghhh.
Sally Jackson: PERCY JACKSON. After going andgetting yourself lost for 8 MONTHS, you just have to go and throw yourself in tartarus. You’re SO grounded when you get home, young man.
Gaea: ehehehehe.
Sally Jackson: Oh, don’t even get me STARTED on you!
Hera: Everyone loves me.
Annabeth Chase: Actually, everyone hates you.
Hera: You’re just jealous! And Zeus loves me! Don’t you hunny bun?
Zeus: Oh… I have this, um, one thing to go to, I’ll have to answer your question later…
Percy Jackson: Not even your husband likes you. That’s intense.
Ava Willi
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Sleepwalker by rainy129 Sleepwalker :iconrainy129:rainy129 3 0 Child in a Nutshell by rainy129 Child in a Nutshell :iconrainy129:rainy129 2 0 No Light by rainy129 No Light :iconrainy129:rainy129 1 0
The Hunted Chapter 5
The Battle
“There are worse evils than war.” –Owen Wister
She looked up from the scene of destruction around her. She didn’t know what she was doing there. Just three days after she had gotten to camp, they handed her a sword that she could barely lift and told her good luck. She didn't even know what any of it was, much less how to get lucky. (A/N: hhehehehehe)She rarely even knew what to kill and not kill. Kill. Yes, that word was giving her some trouble. She didn't know how to kill; much less did she want to do it.
It was the second day of battle and Ava had gotten no where in knowledge besides Kronos was a Titan and was inside a boy’s body. Things had been going badly since Annabeth had gotten hurt. People had been running around the bases, preparing for another attack when one finally came. The Drakon startled the campers, and most of them went down in the fight; some not getting back up. She was slightly accustomed to deat
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Pity flash and pity won.
Pity party,
pity done.
Self pity,
peer pity,
pity all the same.
Petty pity,
quiet pity,
though granted in your name.
Pity’s for the poor now
so poor you, poor you,
pity’s what you need.
No pity.
No pity.
No pity for the girl.
Pity for the woman,
no pity for the girl.
Selfish pity,
bragging pity,
pity has been won.
What pity?
Who’s pity has the need?
What’s so horrid,
so bad,
besides your greed?
Crave pity,
get pity.
Take a week.
God, take three.
At least you haven’t lost me!
Feel the pity!
Soak the pity!
No pity from me!
Woman, there’ll be pity.
Pity when I’m free.
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Morning Blaze by rainy129 Morning Blaze :iconrainy129:rainy129 4 0
The Hunted Chapter 4
Chapter 4- The Camper
“It's funny: I always imagined when I was a kid that adults had some kind of inner toolbox full of shiny tools: the saw of discernment, the hammer of wisdom, the sandpaper of patience. But then when I grew up I found that life handed you these rusty bent old tools - friendships, prayer, conscience, honesty - and said 'do the best you can with these, they will have to do'. And mostly, against all odds, they do.” –Anne Lamott
"Laurel, dear, why are you not directing this girl towards camp?" A woman said behind us. Laurel cringed like she would rather pour lemon juice in her eye than talk to her. Ava turned around and there was another- she bet- Greek goddess.
“Hera…” Laurel said slowly. “We will in a couple days.”
“Why not now?”
“Because we want to try to explain more to her.”
“You’re not even Greek,” Hera said. “I do not know why I am talking to you
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Eyes by rainy129 Eyes :iconrainy129:rainy129 0 3 Wat1 by rainy129 Wat1 :iconrainy129:rainy129 0 0


indiana jones by MartaSyrko indiana jones :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 315 9 sima by MartaSyrko sima :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 869 30 d by MartaSyrko d :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 176 9 eew by MartaSyrko eew :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 377 17 fd by MartaSyrko fd :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 311 9 oil by MartaSyrko oil :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 308 16 Lips by sakimichan Lips :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 9,773 94 Eye reference and tutorial package by sakimichan Eye reference and tutorial package :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 8,110 49 indiana jones by MartaSyrko indiana jones :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 495 26 light by MartaSyrko light :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 277 10 old by MartaSyrko old :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 246 7 old time by MartaSyrko old time :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 238 13 portrait by MartaSyrko portrait :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 662 29 sinking by yesilm sinking :iconyesilm:yesilm 35 8 dark by MartaSyrko dark :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 579 22 .beloved.alais. by delusive-dreams .beloved.alais. :icondelusive-dreams:delusive-dreams 83 7



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